SOLE footbeds recommended for footballers

Enjoy a greater degree of comfort!

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SOLE footbeds could help footballers enjoy a greater degree of comfort by giving custom support within their boots. The footbeds mould to the unique shape of each player’s feet through heat to give a custom fit. This provides much better support than an ‘off the shelf’ insole and at £39-£48, costs far less than a custom orthotic. 

Several Everton Football Club players have used SOLE Thin Sport footbeds to good effect and the team’s podiatrist Richie Porter recommends them. “SOLE footbeds give additional support and reduce strain on the feet.  They are a valuable addition to our medical team’s efforts in promoting good foot care and I would recommend footballers consider them as a good option to optimise comfort and support of their feet in their football boots.”

SOLE footbeds are supportive but not controlling, allowing the foot to flex and its muscles to strengthen and function fully. They give arch support, stabilise the heel and provide customised support along the entire sole by contouring to the foot shape. Footballers love the SOLE Thin Sport footbeds as they are sleek, accommodative and fit in the most tight fitting football cleats.

Backed by scientific research and professional testimonials, SOLE footbeds are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). In addition, leading researchers at the Running Injury Clinic at the University of Calgary found that SOLE Custom Footbeds reduce plantar fascia strain by an average of 34%. In a second study, researchers compared SOLE to other leading brands, Superfeet and Powerstep, and using no orthotic. SOLE footbeds reduced plantar fascia strain by the largest degree, while being the least intrusive or controlling of the footbeds in the study and allowing the most natural motion of the foot.

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