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She Kicks approached our good friend and Personal Trainer Paula Jamieson of GR8Events to road test our two products from, and here's what she had to say.

As a Personal Trainer and aspiring triathlete, I go through a lot of gym kit, so I was delighted to be asked to trial two gym vests for 

I decided to wear the grey one for my tabata workout as it was tighter, so I figured it was going to remain in position better during mountain climbers etc. I found it extremely comfortable and as someone who sweats a lot, it is the ideal colour aswell. 

I popped the Core Series vest on post workout. This top is so soft and really comfortable, I'd wear it outside of the gym! I would need to wear this over another top as it has a looser fit for more energetic workouts. And, what's not to like about the slogan :) "Girls Just Wanna Have Guns!"


Overall, both gym vests were extremely comfortable and stylish. I will certainly be using them again for teaching classes and my own training and keeping an eye out for other cool products on the website.

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