New Soccercise Sessions Announced

Portsmouth and Eastleigh

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New Soccercise sessions for 16+ taking place in Portsmouth at the 24/7 Fitness Gym in Portsmouth & in Eastleigh at the Anytime Fitness gym

Soccercise is an instructor led aerobic exercise or circuit class, typically lasting 45 – 60 mins in length. It can be delivered indoors or outdoors and combines a variety of fitness exercises with a football. The class should be delivered to music and is based on repetitions of specific exercises (i.e. toe taps, squats, sit-ups).

Participants can create their own workout to do at home or take part in exercises as part of a class. The inclusion of footballs in this class adds co-ordination and core stability to familiar exercises. It also builds familiarity and confidence of working with a football. Exercises contain progressions and simplifiers to allow participation for a mix of abilities and fitness levels. Soccercise can help introduce you to the game, re-familiarise people that used to play, act as pre-season fitness or as part of a warm-up for a football training session.

Anytime Fitness Eastleigh (Swan centre)
Date: Every Saturday starting on Saturday 20th August
Times: 11am - 12pm
Book by calling 023 8001 0247 or Email:
Age: 16+ (mixed session)

24/7 Fitness Portsmouth

Date: Every Sunday starting Sunday 21st August
Times: 9:30am - 10:30am
Book by calling 023 9229 1687 or Email:
Age: 16+ (mixed session)


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