Have you got issue with your knees?

The PFLEXX Knee Exerciser can help!

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The PFLEXX® Knee Exerciser is a revolutionary innovation in wearable exercise products designed and developed for physiotherapy exercise, general fitness and sports performance improvement.


It is primarily a resistance trainer and is the only product that builds and strengthens the muscles around the knee joint. It may look like a knee support but it does much more. It is totally different from anything currently on the market which makes it a unique product and was a finalist in the fitness section of a competition run by ISPO Munich in 2013  one of the biggest Sports Performance exhibitions in the world.

To give you some background about the company, Les Pape, Managing Director and inventor of the PFLEXX® Knee Exerciser tore his meniscus while playing golf. As he recovered he noticed that his stronger leg was compensating for the weaker leg and there was visible wastage in the muscles. He realised he needed to rebuild the muscles but did not have time to spend doing gym work. Out of a personal need he started developing a wearable exercise product with built in spring resistance that can be worn on the move to build muscle as you carry on with your everyday life, or used in training programmes to strengthen the target muscle groups around the joint or to complement the physiotherapists’ programme.

The PFLEXX® Knee Exerciser is suitable for most knee problems including, Arthritic Exercise, Pre and Post-Surgery muscle building, Pain Relief, Physiotherapy Programming, Knee Strengthening, Injury Recovery, General Fitness and Performance Training.

It is designed for all active, leisure and sports pursuits including Outdoor, Skiing, Biking, Golf, Running, Cycling, Boarding, Football, Racket Sports, and Fitness.

The plan is to extend the range for other joints such as the ankle and elbow and leggings incorporating the PFLEXX® spring resistance technology. These should be launched within the next 3 months. We are already selling to 40 countries on line and plan to expand into Europe and ultimately develop a worldwide distribution network and already have distributors in UK, Germany and Poland.

Visit our website www.pflexx.com
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