Our Gaffa has improved the way we train!

By simply have the basic Training Equipment

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Our Gaffa has improved the way we train!
By simply have the basic Training Equipment

You’ve got a team of kids wanting to learn how to play the game and a manager who is struggling to teach them the basics because they haven’t got the right training equipment. Sound familiar?

Teams up and down the country are springing up all over the place. Girl’s football is on the rise and we need to create the right environment for them to develop. It’s not just about the facilities or having enough pitches or sheds to get changed in. We also need the right training equipment... and I don’t mean GPS tracking!

In order to hone your ball control you, improve your passing and agility you need the right equipment. She Kicks recommends The Soccer Store to help with sourcing the right gear.

Whether its training ladders, marker cones, slalom poles or hurdles to improve your agility and explosiveness, The Soccer Store has all this and more and at the best price too.

Training and practice are absolutely essential aspects of football at every level. But if you don’t have the right tools, your team could be at a disadvantage.

She Kicks would like to thank The Soccer Store for helping to provide the information above. This is the second in a series of editorials featuring a range of products that football clubs, teams and individuals need to play the beautiful game.

For more information please visit – www.thesoccerstore.co.uk or click the logo below.


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