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Football isn't just about kicking. It's running, jumping, catching, turning, throwing, heading. It places demands on pretty much every part of your body. Read about aerobic, anaerobic, balance, coordination, strength and conditioning training and injury prevention and recovery, as well as the products and resources that can help improve fitness...

scotty.JPG Tips From the Top: Recovery is Key
In preparation for Uefa Women's Euro 2009, the England players adapted strict recovery methods, writes FA Exercise Scientist Dawn Scott.
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You might not want to do the bleep test in your own tim...

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Football is a team game but your own fitness is largely...

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Neither are workable or likely at present but hypothetically, would you prefer a more strict salary cap in the FA WSL OR should centrally contracted England players (that receive salaries from The FA) be allocated more evenly around WSL1 clubs?

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