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A new breakfast drink hits supermarket shelves this month, with the aim of providing nourishment for the nation’s go-getters. The creators of Liquid FUEL believe it’s the perfect accompaniment for those who are seeking to reach optimum performance in their chosen field.    

The concept of ‘liquid breakfasts’ has proved successful in the US and Australia. In the UK last year, flavoured drinks saw the biggest growth in value (13.9%) – outperforming other drink categories including sports and energy drinks, carbonates and juices and smoothies.

Inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers based on Dr Anders Ericsson’s theory that perfection is achieved after 10,000 hours of practice; the developers of Liquid FUEL believe that it can help to provide morning sustenance to any athlete or artist, businessman or musician in their pursuit of excellence.

Developed largely for ‘breakfast skippers’ among the UK’s population, Liquid FUEL is described as a ‘boosted breakfast’ – the milk based drinks offer more nutrition than a standard bowl of mainstream cereal brands with more than 20g protein, 5g fibre, a blend of B vitamins and less than 1% fat. It is available in three flavours: strawberry, chocolate and caramel latte. It is also the first-ever drink to be sold in the cereal aisle and sits alongside other FUEL products, including FUEL granola and FUEL porridge pots.

The product is available in 750 Tesco stores and 500 Asda stores from this month, with other retailers and convenience stores also planning to stock the brand.

Co-Founder, Barney Mauleverer, said:

“Liquid FUEL is a breakfast drink for those with a ‘get up and go’ attitude who want to be at the top of their game. The FUEL range has been developed to provide people with the nutrients they need quickly, so that they can dedicate the rest of their time on reaching their 10K hours towards excellence.

“The product was developed based on our knowledge of emerging trends in the Australian and US markets. We want to bring innovations to UK breakfast tables and believe there is a real need to deliver convenient, delicious alternatives in place of the traditional breakfast market, which has stagnated over recent years. FUEL offers something genuinely different in the form of a product range which is in-line with current trends and the fast paced lives many of us now lead.”

To find out more about Liquid FUEL and other items in the FUEL product range, please visit:


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