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Sports Supplements with Maximuscle:

Athletes and their nutritionists spent much of their time focusing on two aspects of sports nutrition - quantity (how much food the athlete is eating) and quality (the type of nutrient, such as carbohydrate, protein or fat). Now, researchers have confirmed what bodybuilders and strength athletes have known for years - the fact that nutrient timing also makes a big difference to gains in size, strength and power.

Nutrients eaten at certain times, most notably before and after your workout, can better contribute to muscle repair and recovery compared to the same nutrients consumed during other times of the day.

For example, studies show that protein taken before weight-training actually works better for muscle growth than when it's taken after the workout. And when you take carbohydrate after exercise, the carbohydrate is absorbed more quickly by your muscles than it would be at other times. Feed your body with the right nutrients after exercise, and you'll be able to replace lost energy a lot faster. For the elite athlete, this means they'll recover faster and be ready for their next training session a lot more quickly.

Athletes take advantage of this by taking a rapidly absorbed protein drink before hitting the weights, and a carbohydrate dense drink, like Progain or Recovermax after a workout.

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