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5 Tips if You've Just Started Coaching a Girls Soccer Team

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5 Tips if You've Just Started Coaching a Girls Soccer Team

It is a great thing to help shape young minds and bodies through coaching girls soccer. The job of coaching young people carries with it a lot of responsibility. You have to give everything you do careful consideration to ensure that you are doing the best job possible. To help you in your task, here are five tips you can use if you’ve just started coaching a girls soccer team.

1. Be a Positive Figure

Like it or not, you become a role model the instant you pick up your coaching whistle. The players you coach will look up to you, and you need to give them a positive role model. Smile, high five and give words of encouragement whenever you can. Do not be the yelling coach who is angry all the time. You will get much better results from embracing the power of positivity.

2. Get Help

If you can, try to find help with your coaching gig. Assistant coaches can greatly lighten the load you bear. Not only will they help to make you a better coach, but assistant coaches will make your players much better. Having more than one coach on staff means that you can run multiple drills at the same time during practice. The extra training time that players get with this extra coaching is invaluable.

3. Conditioning is Key

If you are new to the world of soccer, then keep in mind that the teams that do the best in the sport are the ones that are well-conditioned. More than most other sports, soccer is an aerobic activity. You need to work hard on building your players cardio fitness if you want them to do well in the sport. However, you can’t just have them run laps around the field to get in cardio training. This gets boring for the players and has limited effectiveness. Instead, try some cardio drills like the ones in this video:

4. Get Certified

For coaches who are new to coaching or just new to coaching soccer, getting certified as a soccer coach is a great move. You will learn tips and techniques for coaching your players that will make the process go much more smoothly. You will become a better coach and your players will become better players through the benefits of certification. You can get a coaching license from the US Soccer Federation if you want to improve your coaching capabilities in short order.

5. Watch Soccer Games

If you want to be a better soccer coach, one of the best things you can do is to watch as much soccer as possible. This includes watching games on TV as well as local games. Seeing lots of games played by players of different skill levels will expose you to the things that work and those that don’t in the sport. You will be able to use this knowledge you gain to turn your team into the best possible soccer players they can be.


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