Our New Football Options for Girls on Tour!

With over 50 years’ experience in operating tailor-made tours, Rayburn Tours has always seen a pattern of more tours being booked for boys’ teams than girls’.





To help combat this, we’ve developed coaching options and UK tours specifically focused on encouraging more girls’ teams to tour.

For those who want to provide their team with an introduction to touring, or simply keep the cost down, a one or two night trip within the UK is a perfect way to get your team on tour to enjoy the thrill of new opposition, nights away and team bonding.

With our specifically tailored itineraries, we’ll cater to your team’s specific requirements, making sure the girls get the most out of their time away. What’s more, we can also include live sport into your tailored package, allowing you to catch a professional game whilst on tour.

But that’s not all! Whilst we want your tour to be the best possible experience, our services don’t just stop there. We’ve developed Pre and Post-Tour Training, which sees a professional sportsman or woman come into your club and run a training session on topics including nutrition, psychology, physio and more. We want these sessions to inspire your girls and give them role models to look up to.

Whilst the female game is improving year on year, we think it’s only right grassroots clubs follow suit, and that’s why we’ll always continue to look for ways to improve the touring experience for girls’ teams.

Give Rayburn Tours a call on 01332 347 828 to find out how they can help your team benefit from a UK tour or training session. 

For more information visit - www.rayburntours.com

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