Welcome to the Dana Cup SportsCenter

A Fantastic Training Camp in a Perfect Environment!





A training camp with no limitations. The Dana Cup SportsCenter provides the best environment on and off the field. Training facilities for both elite and amateur ensure optimal benefits from training.

In co-operation with Fortuna Hjørring, we can offer training games and tutorials with elite coaches and elite athletes. Fortuna Hjørring are Danish Champions and UEFA Women’s Champions League participates and runners up in 2002/2003.

Dana Cup Facilities:

* 24 rooms for 4 persons
* 1 room for 5 persons
* 3 rooms for 6 persons
* 6 cabins for 4 persons
* Apartments for 4 and 8 persons
* All rooms with toilet and shower
* TV in all rooms
* Free Wi-Fi
* Relaxation area with widescreen TV, game consoles and more
* Nutritional breakfast buffet - after your own wishes

Sports Facilities:

* 3 indoor sports halls
* 50 m indoor swimming pool
* Tennis courts
* Athletic track
* 2 artificial fields
* Grassed fields
* Fitness center
* Goal station

Save time and money

All of our sporting facilities are within walking distance of the Dana Cup SportsCenter. So no wasting time or money on extra transport. We look forward to meeting your wishes and needs.

For further information or bookings, just send a quick e-mail to sportscenter@danacup.dk

We look forward to welcoming you and your club to our Dana Cup SportsCenter in the future. 

Dana Cup SportsCenter

Hjørring, Denmark

Phone: +45 98926700

Visit Dana Cup SportsCenter Website – www.danacupsportscenter.dk

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