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Girls' and Ladies NOW is the time to play Futsal!


Walk into any traditional 5 a side football game and you will see it generally being played with what appears to be a large tennis ball and players shooting in goals that are wide and short, the ball being played off the walls and restrictions of head height. Goalkeepers and outfield players are not allowed to enter or leave there goal area.

Girls and Ladies - Now it’s time to play Futsal!!!

Futsal is the format for small sided football approved by FIFA and the FA. This 5 a-side version of indoor football is the closest that you will come to playing 11 a-side football, but with a few modified rules to suit the small sided format and indoor game. In Futsal, players touch the ball 210% more often report FIFA, which enhances technical development of players. With limited space, and no walls to kick the ball off, players are encouraged to make supporting runs when their team are in possession of the ball. With constant opponent pressure, Futsal also improves ball control skills and technique. Futsal is great to improve quick decision making with a 4 second restart rule, movement off the ball, fitness and mental strength, which helps to build self-esteem and confidence. If you look at the modern 11 a-side game, then it is all about a group of 4 or 5 players keeping possession in a densely populated area the size of a Futsal pitch; transferring the ball to another similar area higher up the pitch and scoring as quickly as they can without losing the ball – this is exactly the way that Barcelona and The Spanish World Cup champions play!

Over the past 10 years the game Futsal has been one of the fastest growing sports in the world and it boasts a World Cup, UEFA cup and FA Cup. Gemma Smith, Girls and Women’s Futsal co-ordinator for the UK’s leading operator @Futsal Group says, “We are now seeing a massive growth in Futsal across the country at our arena’s in Swindon, Cardiff and Birmingham. We are really looking forward to opening our new northern hub arena in Leeds later this year, where we have had much interest”.

@Futsal Groups state of the art arena in Birmingham is the largest in Europe and now hosts the Girls British College sport Futsal league every month where it has 60+ participating in the league. Karl Lines from British Colleges Sport says, “We launched a pilot Futsal league in the midlands to compliment the Futsal tournaments we run every year and we were overwhelmed with the participation from the college community. We now intend to develop the league and roll this out nationally as the game continues to grow and develop in the UK“.

@Futsal Group also run a very successful ladies league, which is believed to be the largest female Futsal league across the country with 14 teams playing each week, in which 120 women participate and is continually growing. The teams play in two divisions where they compete for promotion or battle against relegation. The leagues have a mixture of players ranging from novices through to players that represent their country at International level. When asked why these players play Futsal? all said it improves their fitness, awareness, movement off the ball, makes them  quicker, sharper and improves there over all game play. The next challenge for the group is to launch and develop the Girls Futsal activities across all of its operations.

Futsal also offers many pathways for female players. The scholarship programme developed by @Futsal group for 16-19 year olds gives young ladies the opportunity to play and study at the same time. At one of the scholarship programmes, a number of the young ladies ladies, who train every day while also doing their studies and gaining work experience at the Futsal arena, have progressed to play at u19 international level. These young people can look forward to further university education or a career in the leisure sector. Playing from @Futsal groups Swindon arena, Reading FC Women’s team who finished 3rd in the national women’s premier league (11 aside) have featured Futsal as a big part of their in-season training programme, they are national champions after securing the Women’s FA FUTSAL CUP in 2011.

Futsal is great football format for girls and women’s football. Apart from the technical and game related aspects highlighted above, it is simply great fun to play. So watch out for on-going Futsal features as She Kicks partner with @Futsal group to provide regular features going forward.


If you would like a Futsal taster session in one of the UK’s leading arenas, then please contact:

Gemma Smith, Girls and Women’s Futsal Co-ordinator on 0121 554 3296 or gemma.smith@futsaluk.net

For more information visit: www.futsaluk.net

Forthcoming national women’s futsal tournament sat 14th April 2011

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