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Posted 15th August 2012, 13:29 in
Olympic News

Sundhage Puts Requests to USSF

Pia Sundhage, coach of Olympic Gold winners USA, has made a list of requirements to the USSF ahead of contract negotiations.

According to an article by Johan Arvidsson in Swedish online paper NA (and thanks to @DandalBs for the heads up), USWNT coach Pia Sundhage is in a strong position to negotiate with US Soccer over a new contract...

On the back of two consecutive Olympic Gold medals and a final appearance in last year's FIFA Women's World Cup, the U.S's Swedish coach, Pia sundhage has presented a list of demands to the US Soccer Federation, which will be discussed when both parties meet at the friendly international against Costa Rica in Rochester, New York, on 1st September.

Given that Sundhage took over after a disappointing showing at the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup when the team finished third and was in disarray (Solo/Scurry/Ryan affair) and has led them to success since, she feels she is in a very strong position to make her calm demands and if her requirements are not met then it will not be the end of the world for her.

She lists three requirements:
- The first requirement is for more training camps and internationals. "It's been stressful to have so few internationals. In addition, there is still no professional league in the United States. You cannot expect the players to develop in a league that lasts for four months." The federation should serve to help the development of the national team.
- The second requirement is: "I would like to have the freedom to travel where I want, when I want and how long I want. In business class. I've always travelled economy before." She says she has traveled so much, which is fantastic but if she feels she should spend three months in Japan because she thinks it's best for the USWNT to win the next game, then she understands that she may be asked why but, "I want them to respect my answer."

- The third requirement is that USSF look at her salary.
The players got a gold bonus in the Olympics of $1.5million between them. NA's Johan Arvidsson asks how much Pia go paid:
"I have good incomes," says Pia. "Very good. I've been smart all three years, I get no bonus for a bronze medal. But I get the more for a gold medal. Maybe not so smart at the World Cup last year when it was silver, but I got some for that too (laughs)."

And the usual question about whether Pia Sundhage will attend the White House if and when the invite is extended to the USWNT (she has declined twice over in the past):

"All Olympic gold medalists will be invited to the White House and that includes the general manager and coach. I do not know when it is and I have not heard anything," she says.

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