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Posted 14th June 2012, 08:35 in
N. Ireland

Irish Trio Not Set for Olympics (yet)

Northern Ireland's Ashley Hutton, Emma Higgins and Sarah McFadden were reported to have been told they will be in the Team GB squad. This is not the case...

According to a news story in the Belfast Telegraph, the trio had impressed FA scouts at the Cyprus Cup in February and also against Hungary in a UEFA Championship qualifier in April.

All three have plenty of international experience under their belts, with keeper Higgins and skipper Hutton both reaching a half century of caps whilst in Cyprus and Sunderland's McFadden is near to a 50th appearance as well.

However, one of the players concerned is denying any knowledge of the origin nor the substance of the article. Sunderland forward, Sarah McFadden said: "It's a lie. I haven't received anything about being in final squad... Wish it was true but unfortunately not." Indeed, she is Iceland bound to play summer club football for FH in Reykjavik, straight after Northern Ireland's Euro Qualifier in Norway (a team they crushed 3-0 last year) next Wednesday.

In the article, it transpired that the Irish FA remains opposed to a GB team for the Olympics at all, IFA president Jim Shaw said: “Our view hasn’t changed and while we are opposed to the GB team in principle, we understand that it’s a personal decision the players have to make.”

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