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Posted 3rd April 2017, 14:56 in
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Langley Up For Loughborough Enterprise Awards

Becky Langley is one of five students nominated for the 2017 Loughborough University Enterprise Awards.

Studying Sport and Exercise Science, she went on placement with Nottingham Forest FC Academy, excelling in her work with the U-18 men's squad, say

She very quickly settled into her role and impressed her employers with the ease with which she acquired the necessary on-the-job skills to succeed.

Her varied role required her to provide GPS analysis reports; assess player health and well-being spanning wellness monitoring, hydration and anthropometric testing, workload in training and statistical performance analysis; and lead warm-up, recovery and gym sessions.

Her particular focus was whether sports injury occurrence in elite youth players is associated with peak height velocity. In other words, are young people more prone to injury during growth spurts?

Her study and its findings have the potential to inform how coaches work with young players to ensure they achieve their potential without sustaining injury.

Forest value Becky and her achievements so highly, she has continued her work with them beyond her placement year.

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