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Posted 16th January 2017, 17:52 in
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Got a 'Big Week' Coming Up?

A new BBC TV documentary wants to feature sporty folk who have a big game or challenge coming up.

Are you a newly qualified ref or coach or returning from childbirth or a big injury? You could be the sort of person a new BBC TV series is looking for. Here's more details from the producer:

We’re looking for people to be involved in a new BBC2 documentary series called My Big Week (W/T). The programme follows individuals as they undertake a personal challenge or face a personal fear and documents their story over the course of a week. We’re looking for people all over the UK who would like to take part. Stories that we’ve filmed so far include first time parents bringing their kids home from hospital, a newly qualified nurse starting work in a busy A&E and a former stroke victim getting married - to name just a few!

We’re very keen to cover the story of someone either from a sporting background or someone who is perhaps using sport to help them progress in life / turn their life around.

We’re looking for individuals of all ages, backgrounds and diversities with a great story, who feel they need help to get through or face their personal challenge – be that emotional support, the need to learn more confidence or something more. Help will be on hand throughout filming from wise individuals from across the globe and they will be able to give guidance and hopefully facilitate individuals achieving success at whatever they’re facing. 

Would you love to take part in a sport or event but something is holding you back?  Are you taking part in a team sport for the first time? Have you previously been put off taking part in sport? Is there a match or event that represents a new start for you?  Are you returning to sport after time away?  Taking a coaching session for the first time? Are you overcoming a personal challenge or fear?  Are you unsure or apprehensive about an upcoming event?  Whatever your story, we’d love to hear from you! Email: or call 07834 624111

Individuals will be filmed using a fixed rig set up (think 24hrs in A&E / First Dates) and filming will take place during the 3-4 days prior, and including, the significant event itself so we can see how the individual copes with the pressure of getting ready and then facing their big challenge/event.

We’re looking for people all over the UK and filming can take place anytime between now and end of March 2017.

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