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Belles Bring Back Nicky Davies The FA WSL
| 15th February 2017, 12:19 |
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Oakwood Win Sussex League County
| 15th February 2017, 08:26 |
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Double Signing for SAFC Ladies The FA WSL
| 14th February 2017, 10:57 |
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Premier League Midweek Preview FA WPL
| 14th February 2017, 07:39 |
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Durham Sign Rachael Laws The FA WSL
| 13th February 2017, 18:36 |
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Cooper Swaps Bees For Blues The FA WSL
| 13th February 2017, 16:54 |
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Swansea Sail Seven Points Ahead Wales
| 13th February 2017, 16:37 |
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Sunderland Re-sign Hilde Gunn Olsen The FA WSL
| 13th February 2017, 15:43 |
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Aldo In Africa The FA WSL
| 13th February 2017, 10:41 |
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Rovers Roll On, Spurs Retake Southern Top Spot FA WPL
| 12th February 2017, 20:12 |
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Neither are workable or likely at present but hypothetically, would you prefer a more strict salary cap in the FA WSL OR should centrally contracted England players (that receive salaries from The FA) be allocated more evenly around WSL1 clubs?

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