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You watched, you cheered, you were wowed and then you showed your appreciation by voting for your top performances...

Bronze medals, a smiling Bass, top cats in Europe, beating the Germans for the first time EVER and all done in a thoroughly entertaining manner. How could you pick an individual out from such a strong group display? Well, you gave it a whirl and we totted up the voting...


Your @teamsnap #SKFANCARD Player of the Match v Germany was STEPH HOUGHTON.


Steph got better and better throughout the tournament and put in a commanding display at the heart of the defence, as well as often acting as an important element in the team's offensive threat too.  She picked up 36% of the vote. Lucy Bronze continued her good form to collect 16% and Laura Bassett was just behind her with 15%.


It really was a cracking team display and a wonderful, winning and fitting end to a campaign that just got better and better. Here's some of what you lovely fan folk had to say about the performance:


- Undaunted, determined and mature
- Brilliant....Take Note England's men team
- Watching them is inspiration made me proud with their solid performance. They have made history!!!!
- WE BEAT THE GERMANS!!!!!! Best defensive display all tournament.
- Resilient, hugely improved, calm & composed, every player worked their socks off - so proud.
- Awesome x so proud Trophy
- OMG so amazing they only went and did it! Love these lionesses - so proud!
- Epic win
- Good to win, need to support the forward from the start!
- Passionate and determined 
- Heroic performance. Prevented Germany from playing and stamina sensational. Great penalty.
- Every single player deserves top mark. Hugely gutsy committed performance. Mark got tactics spot on
- Unbelievable
- Bronze medal winners, Gold medal Performance! 
- inspirational, brave, class and historic
- Tremendous!
- Absolutely immense performance from the whole team
- Magnificent. True Lionesses.
- Last chance England had to prove they can beat the best - and they did!
- A solid, work for each other, team effort. 
- Teamwork works!
- just simply PRIDE. 
- Sooooooooo proud of you all and a better send off for Laura Bassett. Open top bus on their return???
- what a feeling! Great performance from the girls! Deserved win and deserved bronze medal
- Excellent defending and attacking by Houghton.
- Great defending and attacking by Houghton,Great pace and playmaker by Bronze,Great saves by Bardsley
- Great Performance, solid Defence and goalkeeping!! Amazing end to this tournament!  deserved result
- SH the perfect captains performance, unbeatable. Eng gutsy and determined. Brilliant   
- Heroic. Best England Ladies performanc EVER. Deserved to win. 
- We beat the Germans! Best team in Europe so proud of them all, what a performance.
- Not a bad day at the office..... 
- bossed it
- LIONESSES COMING HOME WITH BRONZE huge effort from all very proud ENGLAND supporter
- Thanks all.Unforgetable performance whole squad.You are The Sports Personality[s]Of The Year.
- Bloody brilliant. To pick yourselves up and win that game after Japan....proud. ROAR!!!
- Incredible determination to win
- Historic 
- Amazing team performance
- Bloody brilliant!!
- Strong, calm and composed. Excellent team with excellent team spirit! COME ON ENGLAND!!!
- Legendary.
- Gutsy
- Passionate! Making a country proud.
- Proud, passionate , determined, committed, history making, inspiring!
- Couldn't be prouder :) 
- Absolute quality. Showed real strength and togetherness after a difficult defeat but proved the whol
- We've come a long long way since that game at Wembley stadium. Just ask Germany.  Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy
- Amazing achievement 
- 3rd in the world, best in Europe #historymakers
- Committed
- To see an England team beet the old foe is magical no matter what the sex of the players 
- hard to choose 3 whole team played a part in this match.
- Really hard to chose 3 as it was a real team performance! We got bronze! what a day! unforgettable! 
- Very controlled, tactical performance executed to perfection. Committed &determined, full of passion
- Utterly determined.
- Unbelievable!   Legends!  Worked so hard!  So proud and emotional!  Respect!
- History is made
- It was always about BASSETT. Brill, Amazing, Super Strong. Extra Time, Tense. 
- Full of commitment, passion and pride...a pleasure to witness.
- I thought they were going to lose in the first half but their character showed through. Well Done.
- Best performance ever
- Best performance by an England side since 1966 world cup final.
- Amaze balls!!!!
- Amazing performance against the worlds number one. #LoveThisTeam #Lionesses
- awesome!!!

Thanks for getting involved!

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