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Guess who you voted as Player of the Match against Japan? A fine choice. The right choice.

Most of what needs to be said has already been said (some of it is below). We're ready for the Bronze match now but just so you all know:

Your @teamsnap #SKFANCARD PLayer of the Match v Japan was LAURA BASSETT. 


Laura's excellent defensive display earned her 30% of the votes, with Steph Houghton in second place and Katie Chapman's battling efforts earning her 8%.

And here's some of what you had to say... 

- Played their bloody hearts out as usual! Absolute heroes! 
- Controlled the game and deserved to win. Incredibly unlucky to lose in the manner they did.
- It's been fun! Gutted... You've inspired so many peeps!
- Made world champs look very very average. Desered to have efforts rewarded but wasn't to be
- Inspirational, desire, passion, teamwork, committed, the best team out there, thank u Lionesses
- Heartbreaking. 
- #ProudOfBassett
- Tough, determined and oh so unlucky at the end. For me the better team lost.
- Inspirational team performance. Didn't deserve the unlucky fortune in stoppage time. Proud fan
- Heartbreaking
- Great made world champions look ordinary. Unlucky in the end but that's sport. Proud of the team!!
- Devastating result at the end but we really can take the positives into the next big competition. 
- an unlucky result but a good performance all round.  BRING ON GERMANY.  ITS NOT OVER YET.
- Proud!
- Should have won it, deserved to. Everything Bassett did well outweighs the horrible own goal. 
- so proud you have created a legacy for some many young ladies 
- inspired a nation if not a great British generation. totally undeserved  defeat. 
- Played fantastic
- not like this....
- Inspirational, proud, passionate and absolutely  heart felt. #LIONESSES every day. 
- Devastating result but girls can be proud they played their hearts out and were the better team x 
- Good game, right up to the last couple of minutes. Very dissapointing loss
- Very unlucky  everyone gave 100% under Sampsons managerial skill. BBC team of the year much better - Heartbroken, gave so much, didn't deserve that! 
- Proud of the Lionesses, but way too negative should have destroyed Japan!  #ProudofBasset 
- So proud of all the Lionesses. Super Team!
- Brilliant effort, love the passion and commitment 
- They play amazing and did well to make Japan not score.Unfortunately basset made a misjudgment. 
- Played their hearts out
- Inspiring..the true meaning of the word TEAM! This performance should be used as a training aid!
- The better team, cruel way to go out
- better team but just so unlucky. 
-Best all round performance to date! Better team than Japan by far. Attacking, great defending! - proud
- So gutted but so proud of all the team - making history and inspiring a nation. #proudofbassett
- A tremendous high octane performance ,a winger could have enhance the performance.
- Bassett we love you
- Best on the night, unfortunate, but let's go out with a bang against Germany!
- Couragous
- Gave 110%, heartbreaking, still incredibly proud, huge improvements, stood strong v current champs.
- Couldn't ask for more, so unlucky, so proud
- Did the nation proud. Positive, spirited, confident.
- Congratulations each n every squad member. Manager got it right once he stopped the"Messi"nonsense 
- Every player gave their all.We can ask no more. Lionesses you rock.Thank you for "Our World Cup"
- It was fantastic, skillful, beautiful and I am finally proud to be an England fan. Heres to Euro2017
- Awesome performance once again.  So proud of every single player. Lionesses be proud! 
- Gutted doesn't even cover it.
- unlucky. now for Germany
Indeed. Now for Germany!
Don't forget to make your votes count in the final #SKFANCARD of the #FIFAWWC:
Some Women's World Cup merchandise up for grabs as prizes.


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