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Born Kicking: Jessica White (South Durham & Cestria LFC)

She has two good feet but on one occasion at training, it was her face that was planted firmly on the ground.

1. What is your full name and age? Jessica White, 16 years of age

2. What do your team mates call you on the footie field? Jess

3. Who do you play for and which team do you support? South Durham & Cestria Ladies FC - Team Galaxy and Newcastle United

4. Are you left or right footed? Both but naturally right-footed

5. What is your fave position and why? Left-wing because I am able to defend as well as attack, score goals and to help set up others for their chance to score. Keeps you busy and you're always on your feet running up and down the pitch, being involved in the game play.

6. If you could meet a player (male or female) who would it be? Gareth Bale

7. If you could play on the same team as anyone who would it be? Gareth Bale

8.. What colour shirt would you most like to play in? White

9. Can you describe yourself as a footballer, in three to five words? Active, A Nuisance, Involved, Powerful, Dangerous

10. What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you in football? In training we had to run up a hill and run back down, I was running that fast on the way back down and my legs couldn’t keep up, this resulted in me face planting the ground half way down the hill in front of everyone.

11. Do you have you any superstitions? Jumping and bringing my legs into my chest, then doing a little shimmy just before the game kicks off.

12. What is your favourite pre-match or post-match music? Up rhythm music, fast beats

13. What is your favourite post match treat? Starbursts

14. Who is your biggest fan? My dad

15. Who are your heroes? Gareth Bale, Alan Shearer, Jill Scott

16. What is the most common thing you shout in a match? ‘Man on’, ‘Well Done’

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