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Born Kicking: Kelly Clark (Forfar Farmington & Scotland U-19s)

Knows what food she likes for a post-match treat but nuts have got her into trouble during a game.

1. What is your full name and age?

Kelly Clark, aged 17

2. What do your team mates call you on the footie field?

Well it’s usually ‘Clarky’ from my club coach, but my team mate Caren tends to call me Ballotelli for some reason! I’ve also heard ‘smiler’ a few times!

3. Who do you play for and which team do you support?

I play for Forfar Farmington in the Scottish Women's Premier League, but I do support Rangers

4. Are you left or right footed?

Right Footed

5. What is your fave position and why?

Full Back – I like the balance you can strike between being defensive, but also having an attacking aspect in your game. Probably have to do a little bit more of the defending when you play Glasgow City!

6. If you could meet a player (male or female) who would it be?

Gareth Bale – He’s very direct in the way he plays, and some of the runs he makes are just a joy to watch


7. If you could play on the same team as anyone who would it be?

I do already – Rachael Small! She is so composed on the ball and is definitely someone I look up to given how she has developed and become a senior Scottish Internationalist


8.. What colour shirt would you most like to play in?

The Blue of Forfar Farmington and the Navy of Scotland!

9. Can you describe yourself as a footballer, in three to five words?

Committed to hitting high standards

10. What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you in football?

Well I did concede a free kick for muttering “nuts” a bit louder than I meant to! It was a fair cop of course but pretty embarrassing!

11. Do you have you any superstitions?

None at all to be honest!


12. What is your favourite pre-match or post-match music?

Before a game I do tend to prefer a bit of soppy motivational music. After the game, well that usually reflects how the days game has gone!


13. What is your favourite post match treat?

Oh extra sauce on my pasta or maybe even some chicken! Yum!


14. Who is your biggest fan?

I would say my Dad. He’s travelled to my last three games with the national team, and one of them was a complete surprise visit – never expected to see him there at all.

15. Who are your heroes?

My Mum as she is always there to pick me up when I feel that I’ve maybe not had a good performance in a game. She’s also very good at keeping me sane when I’m injured!


16. What is the most common thing you shout in a match?

Lots of “Man On” – a defenders job is never done!


17. What advice would you give to someone who has been called up into an international squad for a camp/game for the first time?

I would say to not be nervous. At the end of the day you have been selected as part of the squad because you’re a talented player. Don’t over think things and just let the football flow.

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