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She Kicks Back: Bobby Barwick (East Cleveland Ladies FC)

Celebrating the completion of a North Riding League and cup double this season.

1: Name: Bobby Marie Barwick

2: Age (D.O.B) 21 (28-05-1990)

3: Team: East Cleveland Ladies F.C

4: Position (and have you always played there)?: Striker (captain)

5: Team Supporter/Fave player?: Leeds United F.C/ Johnny Howson

6. Occupation/or what you are studying?: Housekeeper

7. Are there other footballers in your family?: Yes, two cousins. Jordan Woodall  plays for Boro' Rangers U-10s, Lennon McGregor Rowe for Normanby United U-11.

8. Favourite game you have played in (and why)?: North Riding League Cup semi-final season 10/11. Drew 2-2 and won 4-2 on penalties.

9. Your best attribute as a player?: I feel that I am a good leader of the team as captain. But also a goalscorer.

10. What are your ambitions in football?: My ambitions in football are just to be the best at my game every week and achieve the goals that we are set by the manager and coach.

11. Who has been the biggest influence in or on your footballing career?: Mam, Dad & Uncle Wayne. Without their support and belief in me, I wouldn't have had the drive to succeed!

12. What is the best thing about playing for your team?: The best thing about playing for East Cleveland Ladies is my team mates. They have showed great team work, determination and drive to win both the league and the league cup this season. But also we have a great laugh at both training and games, but know when its time to be serious and work hard! I could think of a better bunch of people for win the double with!

13. If you got to design your team’s kit, what would it look like? It wouldn't be pink!! I think you need to keep a kit plain and simple.

14. Do you listen to music to get you motivated, or while you train – if so, what tracks?: I never leave for football without my ipod! For both training and games. My music keeps me motivated and concentrated. I listen to all different types of music, it would be difficult to pick out what I exactly listen to before football.

15. Who, that plays for your team, should we know more about and why?: All of the players this season need to be noticed, the drive and determination each one of the girls have shown proves why we are a winning team and why we won the double! I think its pretty unfair to pick one player out when everyone has worked so hard in our success this year!

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