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From Merseyside to Mississippi

Former Liverpool and England U-19 forward, Jess Davenport, is quizzed over her footie faves and getting to play in the USA through our new partners, SRUSA.

Name: Jess Davenport

Date of Birth (Age): 14/01/1997 (19)

Position(s): Forward

Current Team/University: Mississippi College

Previous Club(s): Liverpool Ladies & England Under 19’s


About Jess

Who inspired you to first play football?
My primary school deputy head teacher convinced me that I would enjoy it if I at least tried and he was right.

What team do you support?
Liverpool, all the way.

Who is/are your favourite player(s) and why?
Abby Wambach as she helped changed the women's game. Also because we have the same position and so I like to try the things she does.

What's been your favourite moment in football as a player?
That's a tough one. It's a tie between winning the FA Youth Cup with Liverpool and making my debut for England U19s against France.

What is a quote that gives you inspiration?
Form is temporary, class is permanent". I remember my coach of 7 years took me aside one training session and said that quote to me, and I live by it now.

About America (and Sports Recruiting USA)

What is it about America that makes it an appealing destination to pursue your football career as a student athlete?
I am able to play at a top level, but also have the chance to study and earn a degree.

How did you first find out about America?
I watched Bend It Like Beckham with my best friend and we made a pact that that was what we were going to do.

What made America appealing (over England)?
It was a chance to get out of my comfort zone and try something different. I wanted to travel and experience different cultures, but I also wanted to get an education and still play, and america offered me the whole package.

What is the main difference that you have seen between football in England and the USA?
I was led to believe that the American soccer game was not as technical as the British game and that it was heavily reliant on the physical side. However, that is for sure not the case. The biggest difference I would say is getting used to the climate, and playing in temperatures of 35 degrees.

What is the one thing you miss about England?
Playing in the rain!

And how did you first find out about Sports Recruiting USA and how have they helped you through the process?
I was on google looking at how I could gain a scholarship to the states, and fell across the website.

What support have Jon/Jodie given you?
Jon helped me get seen by the coaches initially at a showcase I played at. He gave me advice on the whole process, and when I eventually flew over there, he emailed me keeping up to date with how my team and I were doing.

How important is that support?
It's nice to know that if I had any questions or worries I could drop them a quick email or phone call, and it could be cleared up with minutes. That's another thing with Jon- he's really quick with a reply which shows that he is genuinely interested and cares about each individual player.

And finally, what are your aspirations as a footballer?
I would love to one day sign a professional contract, and hopefully represent my country again.

SRUSA have a trial day at Accrington and Rossendale College in the final week of August. Contact for more details.



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