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SHE KICKS BACK: Georgia Lyall (Cramlington United)

Her goals helped Cramlington United achieve promotion to the North East League after a Northumberland League and Cup double.

1) Name: Georgia Lyall

2) Age (DOB): 17, 3rd August 1999

3) Team: Cramlington United U-18s & Cramlington United Ladies

4) Position (and have you always played there)?: Striker, I haven't always played there, I played left midfield up until U-14s.

5) Team Supporter / Fave Player? I'm a big fan of Newcastle United because they're my local team and also I'm a big fan of Barcelona because I love their style of play and find it very interesting to watch. Favourite player has to be Lionel Messi, by far the best player in the world, his quickness and sharpness beats everyone. He can score goals, he can assist and is all round a top player whom I enjoy watching.

6) Occupation / or what are you studying? I'm currently in sixth form studying health and social care, business, and applied science.

7) Are there other footballers in your family (and who do/did they play for)? There aren't many other footballers in my family, I had an older cousin who played football and he was someone who pushed me on to become a footballer.

8) Favourite game played in by you (and why)? Favourite game is definitely in 2013 when I played for Blyth Town U-14s in the Northumberland County Cup final against Bedlington. We found ourselves 2-0 down in 15 minutes yet we managed to pull 2 goals back by half time. Second half we put ourselves in front but in the last 10 minutes we conceded, so we had to go to extra time and by this point we were all knackered. In extra-time we fell behind and we knew we had to score after all this hard work we put in and we did - it was such a relief. Then it came to penalties and we weren't the best at taking them but Bedlington had missed and Al our right back stepped up and slotted it bottom left corner and it was definitely the best feeling knowing that we had won after such a long, hard-fought game.

9) Your best attribute as a player? I'd like to think my best attribute as a player is scoring goals, since I'm a striker and I have Besty (Rachel Best) who is there to put a few on a plate for me.

10) What are your ambitions in football? My ambitions in football are to enjoy it, you can't have a good game without enjoying it and getting along with your teammates and as a team, my ambitions are to win as many games as possible.

11) Who has been the biggest influence in your footballing career? The biggest people who have influenced my career have to be my Mam and Dad. They are the ones who have pushed me on in football, which they believe that I'm good at, and without them giving me this belief, I wouldn't still be playing.

12) What is the best thing about playing for your team? The best thing about playing for Cramlington United is that they are the most loveliest, canniest, and funniest people you'll ever meet. I don't think there has been one training session or match were we aren't laughing or joking.

13) If you got to design your team's kit, what would it look like? Team kit would have to be black and white stripes, just like Newcastle United!

14) Do you listen to music to get you motivated, or while you train - if so, what tracks? I'll listen to music before a game if one of the lasses brings in their speaks, which gets the mood up in the team.

15) Who, that plays for your team, should we know more about and why? It has to be Emma Graham, 100%. She is so hard working in her position, she puts in a shift every game winning every ball in the air (and she's the smallest on the team) and winning every tackle, and often pings the ball in the top corner sometimes. She definitely is a key player for our team.

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