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Lisa Pugh is 'Mum' to the Peel Ladies family which recently completed the Isle of Man FA league and Cup double.

1 Name: Lisa Pugh

2 Age (DOB): 33 - 30/10/82

3 Team: Peel Ladies AFC

4 Position (and have you always played there)? Centre Back, played keeper a few times (I'm currently out injured and waiting for a knee op)

5 Team Supporter / Fave player? Liverpool fan – Fave Player has to be my team mate, Sarah O’Reilly

6 Occupation / or what are you studying? Sales Officer & Trainer at Manx Telecom

7 Are there other footballers in your family? My Dad and Grandad played local football for Marown FC and my brother also plays for Peel. I also have various other relations that play for Peel

8 Favourite game played in by you? It has to be the Semi-Finals last season when we beat Corinthians to secure our place in the Floodlit Cup Final.

9 Your best attribute as a player? I'm probably seen as the ‘Mum’ of the team! A shoulder to cry on, a reassuring hug & its normally me that keep the younger more boisterous ones in check! I'm first at the pitch for training or match days getting the kit and pitch ready. It means that the others just need to turn up and concentrate on the game. I'm currently injured but am still as involved with the team as I would normally be.

10 What are your ambitions in football? I would love us to win the Isle on Man FA Cup, Floodlit Cup and League title all in one season.

11 Who has been the biggest influence in your footballing career? I've always been a sporty person but my biggest influences have to be my dad and grandad

12 What is the best thing about playing for your team? We are more than just a team, it's like a family. Within the entire club we are treated as equally as our mens and junior squads. We all support each others training and are all regularly at each others games cheering the club on. The mens team and some of the local supporters were all out celebrating on Sunday night when we won the cup!

13 If you got to design your team's kit, what would it look like? I’d keep it exactly how it is

14 Do you listen to music to get you motivated, or while you train - if so, what tracks? – Our favourite track has to be Jess Glynne – Real Love. However, a few of the younger players have renamed it Peel Love and wrote new lyrics for it!

15 Who, that plays for your team, should we know more about and why? There are probably players that you don’t want to know more about!! – Sarah ‘Wiggy’ Wignall is off to America to play soon, so maybe her or even our very own sensation Julia ‘The Frame’ Harrison!

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