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She Kicks Back: Lauren Weaver (Briton Ferry Llansawel)

'The Beast' of Briton Ferry has just helped her very youthful side to promotion from the West Wales League to the Welsh Premier (pending official approval) in only their third season.

1 Name: Lauren Weaver

2 Age (DOB): 26 . 06/05/1990

3 Team: Briton Ferry Llansawel Ladies

4 Position (and have you always played there)? My position is centre midfield and I have always played in that position since I started playing football

5 Team Supporter / Fave player? Man City, favourite player Sergio Aguero

6 Occupation / or what are you studying? Work full time as a targeted area lead worker (youth worker)

7 Are there other footballers in your family? Yes my uncle and my brother were football players

8 Favourite game played in by you (and why)? Game against Swansea City Reserves due to both being top of the table. It was a good competition and brilliant atmosphere from the spectators and also team spirit during the game, with the whole team working together fighting to win

9 Your best attribute as a player? Hold centre of the pitch, give 100% at all times and very strong in the middle, challenge every ball and create chances for goals. Sometimes too strong on the pitch with the 50/50 tackles, where my nickname 'the beast' comes from my team. Haha!

10 What are your ambitions in football? To be the best I can be and get the team moral at its best to get to the Welsh Premier League

11 Who has been the biggest influence in your footballing career? My team mates and also coaches, driving me to better myself

12 What is the best thing about playing for your team? Our team is very welcoming and supportive, always supporting each other. It's the best team I have played in, as all players and coaches are great

13 If you got to design your team's kit, what would it look like? Definitely Nike as its my favourite sports wear. Tight-fitting grey and white kit

14 Do you listen to music to get you motivated, or while you train - if so, what tracks?
We have started to bring this back to our games where we listen to music in the changing rooms but it's usually whatever people bring, we haven't got specific songs. If we left it to some of the team, it would probably end up being something from Frozen and that certainly doesn't motivate us!

15 Who, that plays for your team, should we know more about and why?
Lucy Powell - since she came up from the under 16s, such a big difference in women's football with physicality and battling and strength on the ball. Lucy started off quite quiet, not often taking balls in the air or presenting herself for 50/50 tackles but now she is a totally different player. She has pushed herself beyond her limits and challenged herself. She now battles and fights for every ball and is able to hold herself well when subjected to intimidating physical and bigger-built opposition. She is able to deal with this and challenge and doesn't give in.

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