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Snaps from another game in #EURO2013 Nor v Den

The site was being a bit wiggy the other night, so slight delay in loading images from the second SF but as you get ready for the #EURO2013 Final here they are...

Norway dismissed a gutsy Denmark after a dramatic penalty shoot out, following a 1-1 draw. Norwegian keeper Ingrid Hjelmseth produced two excellent stops to help her side win on spot kicks in a game that struggled to get going until later in the second half, due to Norway's early goal, (from Marit Christensen off a corner) and defensive tactics. Denmark tweaked things repeatedly and played some entertaining football and were rewarded with a late leveller - although Norway had the odd chance to clinch it - but it wasn't their evening. Even Pellerud admitted his team underperformed, so we're expecting more against Germany in the final! 

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